Ann Garvin Shines with On Maggie’s Watch

On Maggie’s Watch reviewed by Mary E. Latela, September 22, 2016

On Maggie’s Watch, Ann Garvin’s new novel, explores how a young woman who has lost her first baby tries to move on. She moves back to her home town, re-connects with her best friend, quits her  stressful work to stay at home and slow down

At first I wondered how Maggie could run along  so many detours, dangerous  encounters, and not realize or want to admit that she has developed full-blown anxiety as a way of coping.  Then I saw that she is a contemporary young woman, who doesn’t want to appear needy, even to her mother.

Maggie becomes immersed in the newly resurrected Neighborhood Watch, and becomes obsessed with safety and security, which translates into ever more dangerous risk-taking.  I understand a little about uncertainty, and I wanted to  tell Maggie to STOP, but she must find her own way. Ann Garvin weaves a masterfully crafted journey in which we hope Maggie will be transformed.

This is a must read for all women and it is warm, genuine,  and a little dangerous. Perfect!

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