Ann Garvin Talks Family – Tears, Laughter, and Other Extremes

Reviewed by Mary E. Latela  June 18, 2016

My first encounter with Ann Garvin will definitely not be my last. The protagonist, Tig Manahan, prides herself with having the smarts to deal with just about any of the major challenges faced by adults these days. Her mother is disappearing a little at a time of Alzheimer’s. Whoever has lost a parent this way is tempted to weep, but wait! Mom is not gone; she’s sharp as a razor at times, and among her memories are some amazing discoveries!
The boyfriend goes away to Hawaii, after Tig says she can’t possibly get away because too many people are counting on her. But wait! He leaves and Tig gets a call from niece Melanie, who is very pregnant, needs a place to stay, has the baby, then runs off for a while! Tig is fired from her job and is coaxed into having a talk show where people call in and describe their hopeless lives in exchange for a neat and well wrapped solution from the doc, who shows that having the answer key doesn’t guarantee an A in the course (of life).
Ann Garvin gives us rich prose, accurately cluttered emotions moving like the wind. Add a fear of loving again, discovering holes in the family tree, learning that families can drive you bananas, the reader will not let go of this book until it is read, digested, and more, please!
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