Cathy Lamb’s Very Best Friend

Reviewed April 15, 2016 By  Mary E. Latela, @LatelaMary,
My Very Best Friend, Cathy Lamb. Kensington Books, 2015.

Charlotte Mackintosh has a best friend, Bridget. They spent their growing up years in Scotland, until Charlotte suddenly moved to a secluded island off of Washington State to write fantasy romance novels about a time traveling wizard-woman. Her home life is dull, with only the four cats and some flowers for company. Best friends sometimes promise to write back and forth, but all of a sudden, after twenty years, Bridget stops, and Charlotte is frantic.

When Charlotte travels to Scotland to take care of her late father’s estate, she walks into a different world. She falls in love with the land, and perhaps with Bridget’s handsome brother, who hands her a stack of unopened short letters from Bridget to Charlotte. Heartbroken, sad, and alone, Bridget has disappeared.

Figuring out what happened to Bridget, coming to understand Thoran, her more than handsome brother, and learning the small town secrets of the luscious Scottish land, lead to some life-changing surprises, which catch Charlotte off-balance.

You must read this book if you know what very best friends are, and if your heart would break if you lost one another for a time, and if you tried so hard to reconnect and only rare clues popped up from time to time. There is delicious prose: serious and rich. There are heart-pounding anxious moments so real you will feel as if you are there, too. So much love is revealed that you will remember your own stories and long for more.

I must heartily recommend Cathy Lamb’s wonderful, My Very Best Friend, and wait for my next delightful encounter with this prolific author’s work.

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