Sisterhood? Amazing! Mary E. Latela March 15, 2016

I was curious about friends who identified as introverts, particularly those who are writers/authors/editors. Wonderful teacher @CreativeFriend has a great post about her personality. Joanna Penn, who writes books to help writers become published authors, calls herself an introvert.  I love her advice and feel as if we were almost sisters.

Joanna,  I live in the U.S., earn my Master of Divinity degree from Yale University, write realistic non-fiction, and have been writing since elementary school. My first victory was the “Clean-Up Week Song” in grade five. Did I feel special! Then there was the city wide Harvest Festival Contest, for which my grad level was assigned to write a Harvest Festival Poem. I won! I won! I won! Can you tell that  I was shocked, delighted, a bit shy, and had to be interviewed by my hometown newspaper, and also read the prayer at the football game between our high school and our rivals.

These days I write every day, non-fiction, and love stories about people who overcome obstacles to find success. Once in a while we meet, and it’s such a joy!

Do you have a story about your brush with stardom? Please share it here. Yes, I  have had 16 books published. WIP – memoir about family secrets. Interested in shared experiences.

Have a great, joyful day! @LatelaMary

I voted this morning!

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  1. @LatelaMary says:

    Share a similar experience from your own past. ML


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