Gutsy Adventure, Bee Rowlatt

Mary E. Latela November 27, 2015

Bee Rowlatt is a gifted young author, a mother with a passion for life, and a love of the incredible Mary Wollstonecraft, feminist of the late 1700s. Bee magically makes history alive, as she retraces Mary’s journey through Norway, Sweden, and onto France. Wollstonecraft is not simply a sepia photograph of a severe looking woman. She spent her short life confronting inequality in her time, and we readers see in Bee and her toddler son who accompanies her that the feminist struggle is still raging in many settings. Bee will cause you to laugh, cry, shake your head in disbelief. And the quirky people she meets range from the smitten male collector of all things Mary, through the street women, and the new-age eco-sexual set. I was impressed and inspired when Bee reads “the rest of the book” and learns about her hero and about herself. She returns home stronger and more gifted in her communication. This is an author to watch and enjoy. Bravo!

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