The Paris Attacks – Reflection

Remembering All Affected Paris Attacks

Remembering All Affected by Paris Attacks

Reflection – Mary E. Latela, 11/15/2015

There was no religious or human justification for the violence in Paris, says Pope Francis. I want to say, “Stop!” I do not want to analyze why people choose to hurt one another , to make war against one another, because we are all human beings and we all make choices regarding the well-being of ourselves, our loved ones, even of those whom we do not like.

If this is called a “religious” struggle, then I clearly absent myself from religion. If this is a political struggle, then I definitely remove myself from politics.  It is far too simple to say that we have to expect a certain level of tension in society.  Despite all that has happened, I say we have a choice.

We may choose to react calmly, to avoid joining in the polemics of war, the talk of enemies and allies. We may choose to spend silent time, and whether we sit with God or with our own thoughts, that we sit still for a while, and think about what good we can do and how we can learn to speak to one another with reverence.

The Guardian (11/15/2015) reports: “Paris Attacks: Pianist drove 400 miles through the night to pay tribute.”

Davide Martello ( played John Lennon’s “Imagine” on a grand piano outside Bataclan theatre, scene of one of the deadly attacks. The artist has gone to other scenes of tragedy pulling his grand piano with his bicycle to bring a moment of comfort in the midst of tragedy.

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