Getting Lost While Driving

March 13, 2015

I got lost quite a few times when I was driving alone, after college, after the marriage was over, etc. I used to think I had a bad sense of direction. I heard a term which seemed to describe me, namely, “directionally challenged.” That is simply a polite way of saying I got lost … often. But no! This is not pathology … it’s just how I am. With good directions, and sometimes help, I can find my way. Moreover, I learned that getting lost saved me from a couple of difficult situations.

I had worked for an agency on and off during graduate school, and when I returned to CT, I decided to apply to work there for a while again. My former boss and I had a great phone visit, and set up an interview. On the way, I got lost. I started to blame the DOT or whoever is responsible for taking away or adding exits to the highway. At the time, I simply rescheduled. The second time, I was ever so careful … and I got lost again! I was going to try for a third time, lest I add this “failure” to many other flaws I was trying to get rid of. Then I decided, perhaps this is not meant to be. After a while, I found another position, at a new place, with challenging work, and I never got lost getting there or going home.

Another time when I had a job interview, I actually made a “dry-run” to the place the day before the actual interview. But en route to the real interview, I got turned around and was an hour late. This was new territory for me. I had never been late for an interview, or late for ANYTHING. It had been a matter of principle to be on-time, if not early. Once seated opposite the   “boss-to-be” and listening to the job description, I realized that he was a senior pastor who was really looking for a younger woman to do the secondary things in the church, the activities he did not want to do anymore. I knew I was not that kind of younger woman. Not a good fit! They never called back to let me know, so I called and asked if the position had been filled; it had; I wished them well.

One time I made a wrong turn and it was great! I ended up in front of Dairy Queen. It was summer, very hot, and I felt almost blessed by this mistake. They were having a special on some kind of chocolate – peanut delight. This may not seem impressive, but taking the wrong turn was like getting a big birthday package when it’s not even your birthday.

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