What is Important to Me – Note to an unknown child

Dearest Child,

I want to tell you a story. Really, I have many, many stories. I believe that our stories are the most important thing we can leave behind. This is a story about friendship. Friends are like the glue that keeps things stuck together, in a nice way. People are connected  – not by glue – but by love and understanding, patience and courage.

One time, my godmother, who was my Mom’s best friend, came to visit me when I was sick. She was a beautiful, happy, strong person. Whenever she came, there was laughter, and sometimes there were tears. She really understood me. I was a quiet little girl, then still rather quiet when I was a young adult. Later, I began to talk about what really mattered to me. I learned to listen carefully to others – to really pay attention. I tried to help whenever I could. My godmother brought me a pretty pink bathrobe, which I liked very much … yes, pink was my favorite color when I was younger – now, my favorite color is …. PURPLE!  We had tea and cookies that time, and when it was time for her to leave, my godmother said, “Remember, you are wonderful. I love you.”

Thinking or reflecting  was important to me. If you listen carefully, you will learn so much. If you remember what you heard, it may stay with you, if it is important. I needed silent time. I needed time to pray. I needed time to look at the deep blue sky, at the trees coming to life in springtime, at the little crocuses coming through the remaining snow.

Most of all, I needed time to be with my little ones – to be very busy with them – to teach them to paint and to admire their work and hear their explanations about how life works. I needed time to rest when they went home – to enjoy the new treasures for my memory box (which is in my heart), to sleep and dream, then to clean up after them. I never liked housecleaning very much, but after the kids came, I didn’t mind at all.

From my heart,

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