The Bedrock of Truth

“It always comes back to the same necessity: go deep enough and there is a bedrock of truth, however hard.” May Sarton

What is the bedrock of truth in your life right now? (1/6/2015)

I wasn’t sure of the definition of bedrock, assuming that it is the very solid, unbreakable foundation underneath all the changing parts of what is on the earth’s surface. Now bedrock is strong, but it is not immutable.  It can be affected by weathering, erosion, wind, water. If I apply this idea of people, or to myself, I would describe the changeable parts of what makes me that wonderful superb person as topsoil or regolith. Way down, if I were to go there, where it is dark, where the secret unbreakable stuff of souls is hiding, I might be surprised at what I saw.

Yes, I have had woundedness, and there are scars. I have been mistreated; I have been chiseled at times like a piece of soft marble with the hammers of unfriendly, crafty people and organizations. And yes, some watery stuff has leaked into the upper part, but the bedrock is strong enough to take all this and hold me up.

I thought first about those gorgeous homes on the dirt cliffs on the California coast, built with some foundation, surely, but not on really solid ground. In a horrific storm, the power of water and wind can push that mansion down into the ocean or onto the lovely Pacific Coast Highway. And all is lost. If the owner wants to rebuild, shouldn’t she rethink the whole plan?

For me, the truth is that deep down I am a compassionate and courageous woman. I am an older woman, so the richness is mostly mental and emotional …. Of course, I retain my lively sense of humor and perfect smile!  I listen to other people; I listen to the stories, even when, occasionally, the stories do not ring true or the narrator is just plain lying, but I can tell; and then I need to settle back on the bedrock, sit and center myself. Just because you are kind does not mean that you are a doormat.

I am empathic and intuitive (even deep down) and that is both a blessing and a challenge. I hurt for people I don’t even know very well. I fight against the odds against universally held social disorder, long-time criminal behavior, the tendency of cowardly people to abuse the gentle ones. As a younger person, I really thought we could end domestic violence. Now I know that it will take a cosmic shift for everyone to decide that reverence is for all, not just the strong and mighty.

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