How to Reach My Heart

Jan. 13, 2015

Prompt: Write a Set of Directions to Your Heart

Write a set of directions to your heart.

Disclaimer: My heart has been broken several times, so it’s not easily opened.

If you want to be sure to enter,

bring with you one (and only one) of the following items from my treasure boxes,

tokens of special times in my life:

the charm bracelet that Aunt Rose bought for me when we went to Long Island;

the little notebook which my piano teacher wrote in each week;

a picture of Andy, before the illness;

the baptismal cross on a gold chain, from godmother Triffie;

the key to my little pink diary;

a handkerchief with a seashell inside;

my wedding ring;

some of grandpa’s Christmas cookies;

and something you have made.

After we meet and trust one another,

Come softly ~ knock gently on the front door  –

Never approach from behind!

I will lead you into my special room,

and invite you to sit in my other stuffed chair and talk.

We will have tea, perhaps orange spice, perhaps mint.

And if you listen, as I will listen.

And if you look at me, as I will look at you,

And if you hear my story and honestly convince me

that you like me just as I am,

then I will lean toward you

and take your hand.

Perhaps I will open my heart to you

and invite you to visit,

and perhaps to stay for awhile.

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