Can or Can’t

October 21, 2014

Prompt  Tell me about everything you can’t do. Now, in a second piece, tell me about everything you can do.

I suppose I could make two lists – like shopping lists – with my CAN’T list a bit longer than my CAN list, just so I would spare myself from bragging.

I could place all the CAN DO’S with who or what empowers me to do them. Some people say, “I can do all things in [God] who strengthens me.” NRSV Or “I can’t smile without you, can’t live without you ~ apologies to Barry Manilow.

Instead, I have made other arrangements.


Can’t catch a baseball, football, soccer ball, or a fish.

Can’t dance, but my pals and I went to the Y to learn how to “Cha Cha” and “Jitterbug.” That helps me fit in these days.

Can’t drive, because my right eye is not functioning, but that’s not my fault. I suppose I can learn to be less frustrated about not having a ride, or public transportation.

Can’t lie, or as a “catty person” said about me, “She’s obsessed with telling the truth.”

Can’t get over missing my son and daughter … or knowing if we will see each other again.

Can’t let go of the past hurts from family, church, but also can’t tell anyone else to SHUT UP.


Learn and grow, and talk mostly sensibly, though at times in puns and mumbles.

Read, write, research, and stifle a yawn through my nose when forced to sit through someone else’s boring lecture.

Preach and teach because I am courageous and caring, and if things don’t go well, I figure that there’s little to no chance of dying from embarrassment.

Listen … and mostly, keep quiet when there’ nothing to say.

I can decide what to share and what to keep secret, so this is my complete list, for today.

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